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Rondel nighclub waits for you every weekend

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Want to enjoy a night like never before? Then you should really come to a nightclub where you can find everything. From great drinks and good music to nice people and manny more. Every weekend starts

Bonsoir nightclub

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Don’t let the party start without you! Come to a nightclub that has the best nightlife and can offer you an unforgettable time. Good music and a really cozy settlement waits for you in this magn
When the night starts everybody reveals a new face, one that it is lacking of inhibition and everything that you thought is impossible becomes reality.
No, you are not dreaming, it is the perfect start for your trip if you are here in Bern. Nightclub can give you exclussive fun for all night long. So, order your favourite cocktail and let all the fun begin.
Behind historical facades you often find a modern atmosphere and trendy nightclubs. With this, together, you will be able to spend a night as you always wanted and you will meet a surprising face of the city. So, escape your everyday life and meet people like you that just want a cool night just like you do. Good music soon will give you the energy and a good cocktail will make you become more extrovert. Well, it’s your choice how you want your night, but if you are looking for real fun then go into a nightclub and feel free to do everything you wanted. Bern sure is a city of fun and soon you will discover that everything you wanted to find is here in Berm.
Nightclubs wait for you with their doors open and if you want a night that you want to never forget then you have to come. With so many things to discover and so many things to do you will never get bored. The colourfull night will lead you to all the places where the fun begins so, forget about pizza and old blankets because tonight you will have the opportunituy to feel the best.
Wether you preffer electronic music, rock or drum & bass you will find the perfect club. The nightlife in Bern is very colourfull and there is a diversity you that you cannot find anywhere else. So, put on your dancing shoes and let’s begin a fun night.