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Fri Son - a night club for those who dare to have more then fun

Posted 01 Jahre 06 Monate 2 Tage 02 Std 35 Protokoll 55 Sekunden ago. 352
Hey, all you wonderfull people! ant to have some fun? Well come to a place wher you can find plenty. If you thaught that in Fribourg you can only visit the surrounding places then think again. As in e

Mythic Club - the place to be for great fun

Posted 01 Jahre 06 Monate 2 Tage 03 Std 4 Protokoll 36 Sekunden ago. 368
Well, if you have some free time don’t forget to come to Mythic Club in Fribourg. Here you can find an unforgettable atmosphere that will blow your mind. Nice cocktails, good music and people yo
Loose a night in Fribourg and taste the real nightlife
Have you always wanted to experience a unique nightlife that you never forget? Well, in Fribourg this is not just a dream or a simple wish, it is the relity. In the night everything transforms and begins to feel more alive than any other place in the world. It may be only a city but it’s inhabitants know for sure how to have fun.
But the real hotspots are the nightclubs where you can find good music, quality drinks and even ladies to keep you company. If you want to taste the real nightlife you have to forget about a nice quiet evening and get loose in one of the clubs from the center of the city or if you want to explore you can find some in the other parts of the city too.
Every night you cand find great people who, just like you want to have fun and forget about work and how to find solutions for everyday living. Sometimes you can find themed parties where role play is at his home. And sometimes you can find a very popular Dj mixing only for the party to go on until morning. When it’s about partying, in Fribourg you will never feel bored and you will never find a dull atmosphere. Everyone from the nightclub will contribute for you to have an unforgettable night, as you wanted from the beginning.
Well, if you are in Fribourg, you can make a lot of fun stuff, and it’s not just about visiting the city and drinking coffee at one of the bistro’s located in the city. Coffee will definetely will be good n the morning after the party but until then you have to make from your night the one that you will never forget.
A colourfull city such as Fribourg is a city where at night everything comes to life. Noghtclubs are the place where real fun beggins and lasts until the sun comes up in the morning. If you enjoy partying then you definetley don’t have to miss a city like this.