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Velvet Nightclub

Posted 01 Jahre 05 Monate 25 Tage 03 Std 36 Protokoll 38 Sekunden ago. 362
The Velvet Club has created its own history and legends, since it was founded more than 25 years ago in the very heart of the city. The Club has a distinctive soul, so deeply rooted that it has kept i

Coupole Avenue Night Club

Posted 01 Jahre 05 Monate 25 Tage 04 Std 19 Protokoll ago. 331
If you want to spend a hot night out and in the same time you want to have some fun, then come to Coupole Avenue, a nightclub that can offer you a lot of satisfactions all night long. Experience a nig
Genf – a city that never sleeps waits for you
If you ever wanted to experience the nightlife and feel like in a movie then you should really come to Genf. This city knows how to party, for sure, and you will receive infinite pleasure and you will be content. If you are looking to party like never before you should try to come in a nightclub. You can find nightclubs scattered all over the city but if you are looking for some kind of special places then you will not have to search much.
Genf is located in a wonderfull place, full of history, places to visit, nice restaurants and manny more, but if you want to see the city bloom at night you definetley have to try and taste the nightlife. Characterized by good music, nice and friendly people who want to party just like you, high quality drinks, it’s impossible to not feel great.
You will party until the sun will come up in the morning because you will barely feel the time passing. You will only regret that the night isn’t long enough for you to enjoy more and more the atmosphere. But you can always come back in the next night.
Discover a nightlife full of colour and enjoy the night of your dreams. Here everything is possible so, take on your party dress and enjoy a night like never before. Nightlife of Genf sure will be a subject you will remember for a long time and it is not impossible to spend here your free time in every weekend or your vacations.