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Grey nightclub

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Welcome to a nightclub that offers everything from great drinks to even greater atmosphere that is maintainde by DJ’s from all around the world. You can taste here the real nightlife from Konsta

Maex 33

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Spend a night as you wish at Maex 33. This is a nightclub where everyone is inivted and a place where good atmosphere never stops. Good music is offered with generosity by local DJ’s and sometim
Konstanz a city where nightlife is at full capacity
Want to spend the best night? Then you should come to Konstanz a city that never seems to sleep and also a town that can offer you a night that you will never forget for sure. Nightclubs are all over the city and you can have the best time even if you just want to enjoy a glass of fine wine. But we can assure you that you will not be able to stand still because the great atmosphere will get to you soon and you will want to dance or to talk with people.
Nobody is alone when it comes to talk about parties in Konstanz. Taste the nightlife and become yourself a night owl. Enjoy a night like you never had before. When it’s about fun you can find all over the place a lot of restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs and let’s not forget about nightclubs. Here, at the nightclubs you can find from time to time themed parties and don’t forget your costume home. Good music is part of the atmosphere and from 80’s music to electro, rock or drum & bass you can find music for all tastes. Evrything is set up for you to have fun and feel great so you should take advantage and come to a town where you can everything you need for a one night at the club or to have fun like you always wanted.