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Casino de Montreux

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Montreux does not have a lot of after-hours action but possesses enough to keep the insomniac sightseer entertained. The alpha and omega of Montreux’s midnight vibrancy is the Casino de Montreux , l

Millésime Club 

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A nightclub that has to be for sure on the list of the destinations meant to have fun and we can assure you that you will have a great time. make reservations now and let yourself enjoy every minute s
A night in Montreux: meet the nightlife of a city that can offer you everything
The whole nightlife spins arround nightclubs. Wether you are looking for a party where you can dance all night long or you are looking for the perfect place to spend a night with a lady, all this is possible in Montreux.
With impressive architectural buildings, monuments, culture, history and everything you are expecting of such a city is waiting for you to discover it. But in the night everything changes, monumental buildings start to be recolored with neon lights, lasers, good music, people talking and laughing. This way the party starts and you can stay all night long until the first rays of the sun comes up.
If you like all this, then you are in the perfect place and you will spend a night that will be worth to remember. From electronic music to rock or drumm & bass you can find everything. DJ’s known all over the world sometimes can be found creating atmosphere here in the nightclubs and soon you will find out that the perfect recipe of having fun lies right here in this town. The heart of the parties is right in the center of the town but if you are looking for real fun then you should try the local nightclubs where everything seems to be a more accurate immage of the real nightlife of the town. Feel free to enjoy a night full of parties and especially if it’s weekend you will not find anybody staying at home for sure. So, if you are visiting Montreux you should offer yourself such an experience. For the next morning, after the party you have loads of restaurants, bistro’s or fast foods to recover your energy but for sure it will be worth it the night you spent in a nightclub.