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Trischli Club

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Every Friday night fun starts at Trischli Club, so, take on your party clothes and taste the atmosphere. Talking about atmosphere, here you will find loads of things to do, people are very nice and ju

Felix Nightclub

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Want to spend a Friday night that will be worth to remember? Felix nightclub waits for it’s clients in a very pleasant atmosphere maintained by local DJ’s and from all arround the world. O
St Gallen a place who isn’t about saints, if you know what we mean
Locals allready know where you can find a great party but as a tourist you have to search for a while until you find what are you looking for. But the greatest parties aren’t listed in a catalogue or a flyer. St Gallen is a city where you can find everything you are searching for. A great party waits for you at the nightclub.
If you want to serve the best cocktails in town and enjoy good music then you will have to go to search for a good quality nightclub. A good spot for fun is a place where you can feel good about yourself and the people arround you contribute to make you feel great.
You can check out the nightclubs and you will find here everything that you have been searching for. If it’s a good party you will not want to go home until morning and the atmosphere as far as everybody knows it’s talking by itself. Only if you have other plans you will want to leave the party. The good music and fun are from the house. You can enjoy a good cocktail or you favourite beer in this great atmosphere. At some parties you can even listen to local bands or if you are seeking for a party where you can feel great all night long.
When you want to feel great there is nothing that can stand in your way, so, if you are looking for a nightclub then you should come to St Gallen. This is not just a city made for the locals and to visit the tourism attractions, it’s a great destination for those who are looking for a good party and to escape from reality in a pleasant way.