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Crazy Girls - Kontaktbar

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Want to have a night to remember? Well, our nightclub offers you everything you ever dreamed off. From sexy girls that want to entertain you and make you feel good to good music that you can enjoy whi

Bolero Lifestyle Club AG

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Want to experience a night of fun and good music? Then you should really come to Winterthur at club Bolero. Here you will find a great atmosphere and nice people who want to have fun as much as you do
Nightlife in Winterthur  where you party like a rockstar
You could almost say that the birthplace of parying is in Winterthur. This is a place where you see, go to be seen and not in tha last place to dance. Winterthur is not just a place where you just go, attend a party and that’s it. It is a place where every night offers you new things to discover and the nightclubs are for sure an important point on the list with places to visit.
Beautifull people meet at the nightclub where they celebrate life and themselves. All rooms are designed to make you feel great. The good company of the ladies assure you a perfect time when it’s time to retire in a more intimate space. Well, when it’s about partying in Winterthur we can assure you that you will not stay aside. Good music, a great cocktail, an old wine, a beer perhaps, a great atmosphere can assure you that this is the perfect recipe to start your weekend. Everything you need is here in Winterthur, everything you have been searching for is here.
The nightclubs are the perfect combination between nice people, fun, and a great atmosphere. Here you can find a lot of entertainment and you will find out soon that this is the hotspot of cultural events. When it comes about clubbing or to taste the nightlife at it’s full pottential then you shoul know that Winterthur is the best place to search for the best parties.
Winterthur is not just a place for tourists because evan the locals create parties that invloves everyone and everything arround creates a great atmosphere just for you to feel great and to become part of the greatest experience ever.