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Le Petite Prince

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After 30 years of exclusive clubbing in Zurich, Le Petit Prince club will be reborn. A thorough renovation, a new management team, a premium DJ line up and music program as well as an international an

Hive nightclub

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Hive is movement. Hive is more than a club. The Hive in Zurich merges different arts and spices the atmosphere with a subersive shot of and with subcultural notes. In the pleasure garden of change. O
Meet the nightlife of Zurich – a place where every wish can come true
Zurich. A city with so manny things to offer. Every evening as the moon starts to rise, the night owls start their party. Become part of it you to and get rewarded with a special treatment only for yourself. Explore nightclubs, and discover the place where real party’s begin. When it comes to experiencing an energetic nightlife scene and discovering some cool clubs, Zurich wins the first place. Zurich has the most colourfull nightlife and if you are searching for some good fun and to spend a nice evening with your friends you should come and discover what real fun means.
There are a hige range of music genres and venue styles on offer but the most popular clubs are the one’s who not offer just good music and a good drink but an atmosphere that can bring you to the heights of pure pleasure. You can for sure become addicted to good music and good atmosphere but in a nightclub you can never end up to go home alone. If you are searching for a cool atmosphere then you have to try a nightclub in Zurich.
About Zurich you have to know that it has the highest density of nightclubs so, if you are looking for fun then it is not hard to find. There is always a party where you can loose a night and the morning sure will find you there. Here, everything is possible. You name it and then you will have it. The music, the girls, the atmosphere and the people arround you are the perfect recipe to have a night that it is worth to remember. So, leave everything behind and get loose at a party in Zurich. The perfect club waits for you.
Spacious locations are waiting for you and all you have to do is get your party outfit and get over here.