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I am a woman full of passion. Sex is what I’m horny all day and what I have from morning to night in my head … … I want skin and tail and sweat from the action and my legs open and your tongue and your eggs in my hand And also makes me a nice pussy really sharp … do you fancy a real woman like me? I am sure I am not a teenager anymore and I have the body of a woman with all curves and all forms and I know exactly what I can do with it! The fast number is fun, but what better way than to pamper you in peace and make you mad and enjoy the time with you? Look deep into my blue eyes, while I strok you everywhere and slowly, slowly, with my tongue hot, very hot. But do not be frightened, if I have your cock completely deep in my mouth! Kiss me, if you want to be closer to me, let your tongue and your hands wander over me … Shall I stretch my breasts? They are big and really feminine. Do you want to caress, massage, lick … or even fuck and then dress? If you like it, I’ll blow it all over my tits. But please let the light on, so I can see exactly how your juice lands on me and I can rub everything! My natural DD cups need your attention and your juice. Or should I stretch out something else to you? Something very delicious, clean and tight? Do you want to explore and spoil my little hole with the tongue? Do you want to hear how I moan when you draw small circles with your skilful tongue and then push them suddenly into my ass and make me ever wilder? Then plug him in please also still pure … as I always need it again! Or do you like to lie under me so that I can kneel over you and you can see exactly how the close source opens and you are rewarded with warm, fresh champagne? If you want to make a request to me, I’ll make sure that you get a lot of money … exactly where you need the golden NS … on your cock, on your body or perhaps directly into your mouth? You tell me … The more I think about these things, the hotter I get. So you’ll probably be coming back soon. I’m looking forward to meeting you … Your Kristy 079 364 4611

PS: And you know what? I have discovered a new passion: the erotic wrestling. You can laugh, but do you know how cool that is when we have our strengths? When we see which of us can better grab the others and bring them to the ground? Do you really think you are stronger than me? Then come and pack me right, let me feel how strong you are, without hurting me. But do not be surprised if I also attack you and use all my strength. I will not give up and I will not let you win. But how will you resist if you feel in the middle of the fight, how I have your cock deep, deeper, ever deeper in the mouth and sucking you …?

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