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Spend a night as you wish at Maex 33. This is a nightclub where everyone is inivted and a place where good atmosphere never stops. Good music is offered with generosity by local DJ’s and sometimes are invited local bands to. Their great performance is famous arround the city and every Friday night starts on electronic music beats, rave and other generes. Experience a night in the company of nice people from all around the world and have the best time you can possibly have. Enjoy everything we offer to you and become part to a party that stops only when the sun comes up.
You will be surprised to find in Konstanz such an atmosphere but at night you will discover that everyone wants just to party as much as you do. Make reservations now and enjoy.

Phone number +49 2255 55825757

Max-Stromeyer-Straße 33, 78467 Konstanz

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